The best new movie releases in this week

The best new movie releases in this week


Right Now, Wrong Then

Recent winner of the Golden Leopard in Locarno, in which star Jung Jae-young also won the Best Actor prize—this is director Hong Sang-soo’s 17th feature-length movie. Being labeled one of Hong’s wittiest films to date, this is the film
to see if you’re a fan of his style.

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In May 1996, Jon Krakauer reached the peak of Mt. Everest and it was there where 18 people met with disaster in the thin air 8,000m above sea level. Jon Krakauer's book Into Thin Air retells their story and Everest is based on this very incident.

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The Long Way Home

Three days before the truce in 1953, South Korean soldier Nam-bok (Sol Kyung-gu), who is delivering topsecret military documents, meets North Korean soldier Young-Gwang (Yeo Jin-goo), who picks up these very documents by chance. Young-Gwang is alone and in agony trying to go back up north with a tank he doesn’t know how to drive. Losing confidential documents means that one will have to face dire consequences. Sol Kyung-gu and Yeo Jin-goo are more fascinating than the movie’s storyline.

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