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Join kidult pilgrimage to these character shops

Are you one of those obsessive kidults? Here are some brand shops you want to dig all day.

One of the sub-groups of the kidult community are those that focus on one item, one brand, or one character and become crazed maniacs about it. In Korean we politely refer to them as "odeokoo." There are a few worthy places in Seoul that are catering to these ‘maniacs’, they include the Gundam store, Marvel store, Lego store, and the two very Korean Line and Kakao Friends stores. See what kind best suits your likings.

Lego Store

Within Seoul's "kidult" community, Gundam PlaModels are possibly the most hyped-and-sought-after toys. Legos would come in second place with an equally obvious cult-like following.  The moto of the Lego Group  is “Inspire and develop the builders of tomorrow,” marketing the activity of Lego-building to help develop creative abilities in young children. Surprisingly, in Korea, they reach a much larger audience; 20% of all Lego sales in Korea are to adults or perhaps better known as kidults...

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The Marvel Store

In Korea, the popularity of the Marvel Universe and its myriad of colorful characters is definitely high, thanks to the growing number of Marvel fanatics of this country. In the quiet corner of Megabox (one of the most popular movie theater chains in Korea) inside COEX, there sits Marvel Collection Enter Six. Four months after the opening of the world’s very first official Marvel store inside Park Avenue (located near Wangsimni and Hanyang University station), this official Marvel store had a second opening in June at Megabox COEX...

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The Gundam Base

It’s Gundam! Where do I even begin? Most guys in their 30’s would know the days of “Mobile Suit Gundam,” which led the era of Japanese animation otherwise known as anime. The Gundam plastic models created due to the popularity of the anime Gundam was indeed a global hit. And lucky for the fans, Bandai's official store can be found inside COEX Mall. It not only showcases but also manufactures all-things-Gundam...

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