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The 4 Running clubs and spots in Seoul

The fastest running crews in Seoul and their running spots

The fastest running crews in Seoul and their running spots

SRC Seoul : Yeouido Hangang park

Social Running Crew Seoul (SRC Seoul) went for their very first run in April 2014 with the aim of spreading a healthy running culture and getting to know the city of Seoul. Official meets are on Tuesdays and Thursdays,  and unlike other clubs, SRC Seoul travels all over the city without lingering at one specific course. For those who aren’t sure if they want to  commit to a group just yet, they can check out the #GUEST_RUN program. If you search the GUEST_RUN hashtag on their Instagram account  (@SRC_SEOUL), you can see where and when the group will be open to non-members. In addition to running, the members of SRC volunteer  together and through their #running_relay campaign, during which they donate a certain amount of money corresponding to the length of the distance ran.

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JSRC : Jamsil Olympic Park

The Jamsil Running Club (JSRC), as alluded to by its name, mainly runs in the Jamsil area. The club was formed about two years ago to unite the many who ran alone in Olympic Park or Seokchon Lake Park. Their first run was announced on Instagram (@JSRC_OFFICIAL) and had three people. Now, however, more than 30 people gather every Friday at 8pm for JSRC’s regular run. What sets this club apart is that they participate in the Worldwide Running program, where running clubs connect with other clubs abroad to share tips and information and to help each other out  during international races. Recently, at the Tokyo Marathon, JSRC met 12 other running crews that they had been in contact with throughout the years. Running through Tokyo together, the crews shared unforgettable memories. If you search for #JSRCworldrun, you can find out more details about Worldwide Running and how the JSRC is involved.

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UCON : Namsan Park

Short for “U Can Change Our Next,” UCON began as a university running club in April 2014. The meaning behind the name is: “We can change for our next generation and give them hope,” and to do so, UCON engages in various volunteer and donation activities. For every kilometer run, 400 won is donated each month to SOS Children’s Village Korea (with  locations in Seoul and Daegu). Last December, the members of UCON also went to Guryong Village and Sillim-dong to donate and deliver briquettes. They plan to begin donations to young track and field athletes soon. If you love to run and do volunteer work, look out for their membership application period (open twice a year) on their Instagram account (@uconhq). About 300 members, mostly in their 20s to 40s, are currently active. Some believe that only the wealthy do volunteer work, but UCON is proof that when ordinary individuals join forces, the result islarger than all of us.

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Seoul Flyers Running Club : Ichon Hangang Park

The members of the Seoul Flyers Running Club come from 30 different countries and vary in age from 5 to 60. Started in 2009 by a Korean-American who came to Seoul for work, the Seoul Flyers are named as such because they cruise through the mountains and trails of Seoul. About 2,000 members have come and gone since the club took off and  currently it has more than 200 active members. English and Korean are both spoken to accommodate the many foreigners in the club. Anyone can register for membership through their website, and once you pay the membership fee (50,000 won the first year, 25,000 won for the years  after), you’re in! The club meets more than three times a week at various locations. The Seoul Flyers also host several social events throughout the year. You’re sure to join a friendly community of dedicated runners who welcome those of all levels and backgrounds.

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Runbase Seoul

Adidas opens a space exclusively for runners.

Brightly illuminated with neon lights, Mibase Seoul is located at the top of Gyeongridan, near the Hyatt. Recently opened up by Adidas, Mibase  provides a space for runners to store their belongings and shower and clean up after running Namsan. The first floor has a studio that holds stretching and core-strengthening workout classes, and the second and third floors have lockers and shower rooms (stocked with Aesop products) that are big enough to accommodate 50 men and 50 women. For more  information on their exercise programs and running sessions, check their Instagram (@mibaseseoul). Note: they don’t offer parking, so park at a public parking lot or at the Hyatt.

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