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Work that body!

The 5 popular indoor sports

Topping the list of New Year's resolutions across the board is often weight loss, and with that thought in mind; at least for the first few weeks of January, everyone starts to exercise. However, the health benefits of exercise don't just stop at weight. There have been proven effects in heart disease prevention, plus the lowering of high blood pressure and stress. Often, especially for newcomers to the city, it's a great way to socialize and meet people as well. Sure, it's cold outside but this year, we say keep your New Year's resolutions, make your fat cry and work that body!

Flying yoga

An exercise for your body, mind and soul. By Kim sihwa

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Before you start bulking your muscles, improve your posture with the help of Pilates. By Hwang Hye-Young

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By: Hwang Hye Young