A load of shizzle

Snoop Dogg’s taken on a new career as a DJ. Will it be hot, or should he just drop it, wonders Oliver Keens

First off, who is DJ Snoopadelic?
It’s one of Snoop’s alter egos, which he uses for DJing. 

Right, I gather he likes a good alias.
Indeed he does. Just last year he rechristened himself Snoopzilla for an album made with Californian producer Dam-Funk. Before that, he rebranded himself as Snoop Lion and claimed to be the reincarnation of Bob Marley. He’s also been Da Bigg Boss Dogg, Snoopy Collins, and of course, plain old Calvin Broadus Jr.

How long has he been DJing?
Despite being in hip hop since the early 1990s, he only decided to make the switch from mic to decks in 2012– introducing himself with an odd mixtape packed with bleepy EDM and Ibiza-friendly bangers.

Why the switch?
Well, have you seen the kind of bank DJs are pulling in at the moment? A clue to where Snoop’s shizzle is nizzling is his recent DJ residency in Las Vegas. The Strip has become a huge cash-cow for big-name DJs who can draw a crowd to the staggeringly pricey clubs out there. Punters have been known to spend over half a million dollars a night in certain haunts, meaning DJs are, frankly, rolling in it. So it’s no surprise Snoop wants a piece of the action.

Why isn’t it a surprise?
Er, have you visited The Snoopermarket, his online retail site? You can buy Snoop slippers for heaven’s sake. He’s the Ryanair of hip hop.

Let’s cut to the chase – is he any good?
Well I wouldn’t expect an orgiastic babylon of writhing dancers in rapturous devotion to the groove. As with many celebri-DJs, Snoopadelic plays it ultra-safe from behind his laptop, aiming straight for the middle ground with R&B and hip hop classics, the odd EDM banger, plus some weird curveballs like Joan Jett’s ‘I Love Rock ’n’ Roll’.

So who goes?
Oh, that’s simple – anyone wanting to post a pic with the caption ‘Snoop dropping it... like it’s hot!’

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