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Art and Music

Visit the galleries to find out what's new!

When in Colombo, do not miss to visit the art galleries which feature some of the best exhibition of paintings, jewellery and photographs. 

Expressions 14

Moving away from the tradition of abstract art, Jayantha’s masterful strokes at painting depicts human faces in everyday situations. Painted with such exactness, his work makes one wonder whether his protagonist was truly standing before him until he finished. His realistic style captures people in many moods; in the midst of work, in rapture, in moods of silent blankness; smiles uncovered in the eyes. The work is completed with vividly inspiring frankness and vibrant colours. Strongly aware of his surroundings, Jayantha produces real-life images of everyday situations and people he even encountered in the past. His is an art that is honest. “I have a photographic memory, and images of people I come into contact with remain in my mind for years. Therefore, more than half of my paintings are of people who I have encountered at some point in my life or may have even seen in a movie. For example, the stooped figure of a woman, a visitor once said it had been copied by me and although I did not realise it, this was from the Swan Lake, one of my favourite movies that I had watched as a youngster. The images are deeply etched in my mind. Others are images invented in my imagination,” he says. As a figurative and portrait artist, Jayantha captures the human body as it is. He drew his first nude figure at the age of 10. Although he was recognised for his artistic talent as a child, Jayantha did not pursue painting for most of his adult life. His first solo exhibition ‘Expressio

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By: Time Out editors