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When in Colombo, do not miss visiting the art galleries – featuring some of the best exhibitions of paintings, jewellery and photographs – and the wide array of musical performances.

Who am I by Indika Wijerathne

Indika Wijerathne, one of the talented Sri Lankan artists is a graduate of the University of Visual and Performing Arts, Cololmbo. He had his first solo exhibition, “Romantic Journey” in 2013 at the GALERIE 203 in Montreal, Canada. Indika has showcased his artistic creations over the years by hosting many local and international art exhibitions. In 2005, Indika received a Merit award for Creative Painting at the State Art and Sculpture Festival, Sri Lanka. Being a multi-talented artist, Indika has been recognised for his remarkable performances in stage dramas in many instances. Indika possesses hands on experience in the fileds of jewelry designing as well as drama and theatre. This time Indika’s creations will adorn the walls of the Paradise Road Gallery transporting the onlookers to a vibrant world of creativity.

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Paradise Road Galleries , Colombo 3 Until Wednesday May 30 2018

Harmony with Colours

T V S MENAKA sets foot to explore modern Sri Lankan art. His main objective is to experiment with different fresh art styles. His passion for art leads him to explore various materials such as canvas, wood, metal and plaster and ultimately to produce a unique piece of art. Menaka prefers to work freely, using colours and lines without any limitations or restrictions. He enjoys working with a fast rhythm, be it drawing, painting or constructing a piece of his own. “That is my style”, he says. “I really enjoy using colourful and strong lines in my paintings; my favourite subject is the human body, expressing activities such as sadness, happiness, excitement, sexuality and love.” Momentarily, Menaka is set to experiment with a combination of materials to create a sculpture on the canvas, a new art form, which Menaka describes as “non art”. Through this experiment, he has been able to improve his artistic views. He expresses his skills through many mediums and art styles such as abstract, expression, modernism and traditional. T V S Menaka’s work will be exhibited at Lords Art Gallery in Negombo.

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Lords Restaurant , Negombo Until Thursday May 31 2018