Art by Kekuli

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Art by Kekuli
Art by Kekuli
Art by Kekuli
Art by Kekuli

Just as a child develops and grows; mentally, physically and emotionally over the course of life, one’s state of mind too develops and continues to grow over time. We are to a great extent the result of the sum of the collective experiences we have encountered throughout the journey of life and “Life” as we all know it, is ambiguous.

We are constantly presented with new experiences; some joyous and some sorrowful. However, what we need to know & understand, and I emphasize on the latter, is that we cannot pick and choose our experiences or potential experiences or the lack of certainly preferred experiences thereof. This is the hard truth. What we can do however is to gladiate throughout the tough times by being strong and brave. It is also vital that we deploy appropriate coping strategies to help us face and overcome the obstacles and challenges that need to be dealt with.

This is essential when travelling through the difficult and sometimes unpleasant destinations; as I like to call it, throughout the journey of our lives.On a more positive note however, I think it is equally important if not even more critical to stay focused throughout our trying times. We need to take responsibility and we owe it to ourselves and our loved ones. This is hard and it is easier said than done but it is very important. It’s all about learning to cope, and discovering yourself; who you are, what your strengths and weaknesses are, what your limits are and what you’re capable of. After all we also need to appreciate, enjoy and experience some of the beautiful destinations we discover and travel through.

This is exactly what my Inaugural exhibition themed, ‘A Tumultuous journey to a tranquil state of mind’ is about. It signifies two very important elements. The first being the journey itself: beginning of a distressed journey that ends well with a tranquil and calm state of mind and the Second being the end result of being tranquil (A positive state) itself. It’s all about taking your negative; experiences and energy and turning them into something beautiful and positive. 

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