Artway Gallery

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The Artway Gallery is more than just a gallery. It is situated in a charming old residence, painted in pristine white with its prominent gabled roof, and the ambience is filled with soothing music. It is a place where artists meet, are given the space to showcase their work, discuss and share ideas.

Thus the gallery is a stepping stone for new artists and for those with a significant portfolio. Beginners are given the opportunity to conduct exhibitions at the premises with the focus of retaining and evolving art to the next generation. The gallery has sculptures, especially portrait sculptures. Both portrait sculptures and self-portraits are done at the gallery for anyone interested.

The paintings and sculptures on display are replaced with new works as each piece is sold. The gallery is also meant to provide local artists, especially those who have chosen to make a career out of it, a means to reach people. The gallery conducts art classes for children of all age groups. Adults are also given a chance to dabble with their hidden talents by joining classes conducted by qualified art teachers.


Venue name: Artway Gallery
Address: 60, Old Kesbewa Road
Opening hours: Daily 09am-6pm
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