‘Beyond the Water Margin’

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Beyond the Water Margin
Beyond the Water Margin
Beyond the Water Margin
Beyond the Water Margin

“Beyond the Water Margin” exhibition is a group exhibition of seven artists, representing contemporary Sri Lankan watercolours: Gunasiri Colambage, Basil Cooray, Sanjeewee Senevirathna, Nilusha Weerakkody, Lalith Ranjan, Asanka Wijerathna and Sandatharaka Abeysinghe. The seven professional artists are exhibiting 80 paintings in the exhibition in Seven different styles and Seven themes. The exhibition is inaugurating on August 17 at 6pm at Lionel Wendt Art Gallery and it is opened to public on August 18, 19 and 20.

“Art pieces” are being created by the artists’ intellect, imagination, experiments, professional experience and conciousness, who indulge in creative work for their own independent and honest goals solely and collectively. That is not an unconcious copying by pouring some matter into a block. It is a broad, complicated and sensitive process. And it is not an artificial and impatient or a strained product. We believe that the “ART” is a social process of digesting of touching existing social and cultural mechanisms in a most authentic way by a community with a broad appreciation. 

“Beyond the Water Margin” is a creative effort of seven watercolor artists who united for the necessity of a collective creative approach and united by professionalism and self-satisfaction for the broadness of mutual understanding, the maturity of attitudes, collectiveness and the unity of diversity. It stands as a visual communication of satisfied self-expression as well.

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