Blooming beauty: Jagath Ravindra

Art, Painting
Blooming beauty
Blooming beauty

Jagath Ravindra, a leading contemporary artist held an exhibition in the name Blooming Beauty. The exhibition, which was inspired by the exotic Lotus flower, saw many expressive and unique pieces. Choosing acrylic as his painting medium, Jagath has turned over the arts scene in Sri Lanka with his enthusiasm and identity in Art. His passion for Art was first ignited by his elder brother whom he often saw drawing. However, Jagath’s thirst for art and his commitment has brought him thus far. 

Jagath’s art depicts his amusement of the Lotus flower and of a series of painting by the name ‘Water lilies’ by French impressionism master Claude Monet. Having won many awards and gaining state recognition, he continues to gain success in the industry

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