“Executive Demon” and Other Works

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“Executive Demon” and Other Works
“Executive Demon” and Other Works

“Executive Demon and Other Works” by artist Chandraguptha Thenuwara presents a new body of work by consisting of his political commentary in the form of sculptural installations discussing effects of the Executive Presidency on Sri Lanka.

The artist explains that, “While the talk of abolition of power still continues, there is no change. Getting rid of this demon becomes paramount to change. “Referring also, in the artist’s characteristic style the multiple meaning of Executive relates to abuse as well as the misuse of power and the repression of the needs of the Sri Lankan people. The short- term goals that prioritise maintaining power rather than the long-term solutions for the country’s development. The Parliament remains dependent; we cannot observe law and order as we had hoped in a free and fair society. Political criminals are still able to abuse the system”.

To compliment this and other sculptural works the artist will feature some of his works alongside the con- tinuation of his 2017 and 2018 series ‘Glitch’ to carry forward the notion of the lack of proper governance and non-functionality.

In addition, this solo exhibition will feature a separate collection of older works by the artist to commemorate Barrelism, a concept established 20 years ago. The works will include early works from the Barrelism series, the first ever Camouflage work as well as Erasing Camouflage series and Thousand Barrels series. Chandraguptha Thenuwara’s work is displayed at Saskia Fernando Gallery.

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