Figures Assembled

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Figures Assembled
Figures Assembled

Through his exhibition of paintings, artist Prageeth Rathnayake attempts to take enthusiasts on a delightful journey to experience ‘collectivity as and togetherness’. Having created a passion for himself, the artist focuses on creating exquisite pieces of art that mesmerise the onlooker while communicating a precise message to the humankind. Rathnayake truly believes in minimalism and collective identity and endeavours to reflect them in his creations.

“One has to be a human before one is an artist. We who dream of an endless orgasm of overconsumption, have failed as human beings. It is our responsibility as well as duty to create even a minimal space to advocate collectivism. Today, even people are being treated as things”, says Rathnayake.

The artist further added, that “We are becoming ‘solitary altogether’. We do not change the existing sys- tem but the system changes us. This exhibition titled, Figures Assembled comes to you against such a disturbing background. Come fly with the others who have recognised at least a minimal form of human feelings. Let us displace the identity of competition with a collective identity”.

He has exhibited his artistic creations across many local and international platforms and created a wide international audience who admire his creative talents.

Figures Assembled is Prageeth Rathnayake’s fifth solo exhibition. His paintings have the ability to transport the viewer to the scene in the painting. With a great intention of inspiring the mankind for a better tomorrow, he always comes up with unique artistic creations.

Prageeth Rathnayake’s work is displayed at Paradise Road Gallery.

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