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Natural Inspiration

Exhibition by Suraj Gamage

Written by
Darrshini Parthipan

Exporing myraids of shades inspired by nature and its very surface, artist Suraj Gamage takes art enthusiasts on a fascinating voyage in search of depths and heights of nature. The artist explaining about his works says, " Natural details of any surface is defined by an imaginary format and represented by the abstract format using colourful shapes in these drawings". Moving away from conventional natural landscape paintings and visual reality, Suraj creates unusual yet distinctive shades on canvas, bringing wide dimesnsions of nature and its elements of life.

With a well-built academic background featuring visual art, Suraj has mastered the skill of presenting profundity in colours and shapes. His work reflects his great desire to create authentic paintings and his extraordinary sense of creativity.

Further elaborating on his unique creations, he says, "My primary effort is to express the conceptual idea in this narative format based on colour, space, shape and volume of the language of art".

Rather than merely presenting what is visible to the eyes, Suraj makes an extra attempt to discover beneath the facade of nature and unveil the surface of it. Through painstakingly chosen colours and thoughtfully drawn lines, Sujith contrvies paintings that are pleasing to the eye and at the same time speaks volumes about diverse surfaces of nature. His paintings present the essence of natural features, true visible colour and depth of the surface in abstract form. 

Suraj Gamage's work is displayed at Paradise Road Gallery. 

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