Paintings by Sampath Amunugama

Modern Art

Paintings by Sampath Amunugama
Paintings by Sampath Amunugama

Sampath Amunugama has held a number of Art exhibitions and was recognised as a versatile artist with a thorough knowledge of modern art.

When the entire effort on his endeavor is considered, it is remarkable that Sampath’s earlier creations of colour comprised of line drawings and complex designs. The use of oil paint according to his imagination and ideas on canvas are of simple, yet striking images that have enabled him to exhibit his talent with confidence, at times making it extremely difficult for observers to understand.

However, his latest works can be placed in between these two types. His line-up provides an easy understanding to the viewers. The complexity of his paintings has dropped to an extent in his latest works. The blending of compressed developments; the usage of instant lines; and shapes have allowed him to develop his own style. One could venture to claim that the images in our minds are well depicted in his latest endeavors.

Finally, a comment is deserved on his collection of drawings and paintings that carry complex expressions. Charcoal, pastel, pencil, pen, and acrylic; have always been the main ingredients of Sampath’s success in his ability. These creations are relatively different from one another in their themes yet still hold creative integrity. My personal belief is that I should not further comment as they are yet to come to the limelight and will be most looked forward to.