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Stories in line drawing by Chandana

Modern Art using lines

Stories in line drawing as done by Chandana
Stories in line drawing as done by Chandana
Stories in line drawing as done by Chandana

Originating from Alawwa, Chandana Ranaweera is an artist who uses a unique medium for his artwork. Ballpoint pens are his forte and with it, he illustrates things closest to his heart in a simple way. However, the drawings carry many stories only the artist himself fathoms best.

Chandana who set on an artistic journey since young years later followed an arts course at the Ceylon Society of Arts. Educating himself further with it, Chandana set out to host many exhibitions throughout the years. His pieces have also been featured in exhibitions overseas, where scholars from The United States, France and many other countries have shown immense interest.

Reliving his childhood through the art he creates, most pieces portray the places and moments in which he grew up.  With mythological depth, his black and white strokes are enthralling in its own way.