Urban Space

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Urban Space
Urban Space

Watercolour artist Sanjeewee Senevirathna’s exhibition Urban Space will take place at the Lionel Wendt from August 19 – 21, 2016. The work deals with what he calls “The living space of human in Urbanization”.

He says that his present work is “subjected by man and his creations such as buildings, vehicles, construction, various consumer goods, and non – human made things such as the sea, land and trees. It consists of these movable and immovable units.”

Sanjeewee says that behavior patterns in urban man differ from one another according to the varied time frames of the day. Initiations, moves, breaks, endings, breakdowns, mistakes, delays and challenges decide his behavior.

Buildings, he says, “are the unit that fills the space between man and man. Sometimes it builds human relationships, and sometimes breaks them down.”

Urban Space reflects all these ideas.

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