Adam's Bridge

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Adam's Bridge
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Adam's Bridge
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This legendary link between two nations has always been a point of controversy

Adam’s Bridge, Rama’s Bridge or Rama Setu is a 30 km chain of limestone shoals that stretch between Rameswaram off the Southeastern coast of Tamil Nadu in India and Mannar Island, off the Northwestern coast of Sri Lanka believed to be the link between India and Sri Lanka. The Adam’s bridge separates the palk strait from the Gulf of Mannar, and is considered a hindrance for navigation. Its origin and formation is a highly debated issue even in the present. Legend has it that this limestone bridge on the shallow seas was constructed by the army of Lord Rama ,to reach Sri Lanka in order to save his queen who was taken hostage by Lord Ravan, the then ruler of Sri Lanka. Despite the controversy the Adam’s Bridge is a beautiful spectacle from which on a clear day the Indian flag can be viewed from the last of the Indian Sand banks. The Adam’s and Eve’s burial ground is also here according to the Muslim legends.


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