Independence Memorial Museum

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Independence Memorial Museum
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Independence Memorial Museum
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Independence Memorial Museum
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Independence Memorial Museum
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Built in commemoration of Sri Lanka's national heroes.

Given its location at the basement of the Independence Memorial Hall, the Independence Memorial Museum was established with the objective honouring national heroes who were instrumental in gaining independence from the British Rule. And thus, you will find rows and rows of statues of those who led the independence movement.

Apart from the sculptures of national heroes, the main gallery houses weapons, diaries, telephones and other souvenirs that belonged to some of them. There are also elaborate illustrations and charts which display how the independence progressed. A section that is reserved for the war heroes who sacrificed their lives in the three decade Sri Lankan civil war from 1983 to 2009 was also constructed in commemoration of them.

A visit to this place is worthwhile since you get to learn all about Sri Lanka's freedom struggle and of those great personalities who faught for the country.


Venue name: Independence Memorial Museum
Address: Independence Square
Colombo 7
Opening hours: Tue–Sat 9am–4:30pm; Closed on Mon, Sun and public holidays
Price: Rs 600, Rs 150-Kids (Tourists); Rs 10, Rs 5-kids (Locals); Rs 250 (for photographs)
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