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  1. The Irana bridge across the crystalline waters of Bolgoda
    ©BT ImagesThe Irana bridge across the crystalline waters of Bolgoda
  2. A structure resembling a Buddhist pagoda
    ©BT ImagesA structure resembling a Buddhist pagoda
  3. A milky white stork takes flight
    ©BT ImagesA milky white stork takes flight
  4. Go yachting and explore the lake
    ©BT Images Go yachting and explore the lake

Bolgoda Lake

A place for fun and leisure

Written by
Darrshini Parthipan

The ripples lap gently upon the banks like silk upon silk alluring the onlooker. Located just a short distance away from the hustle and bustle of the capital, Colombo, Bolgoda lake is indeed a magical water hideaway for those who enjoy the serene life around a lake. Embedded within the environs of scenic beauty, the Bolgoda lake invites you for a fun-filled escapade.

An early morning sight provides a serene view of the lake, disturbed only by the cool wind ruffling the water. Sit back and enjoy the tranquillity as the crisp breeze touches your cheeks so tenderly whispering greetings. The lake is ideal for adrenaline pumping adventures such as kayaking, sailing, yachting, canoeing, jet skiing and water skiing. Enjoy a boat ride and explore the picturesque lake as the soft splashes of the oars carry you across the water. The Bolgoda lake is also perfect for beginners to tune up their fishing skills. The sight of chattering fish- ermen and tangled fishing nets is an everyday spectacle here.

The largest fresh water lake on the island, the Bolgoda lake stretches from Anguruwatota to Piliyandala. The northern section of the waters stretches from Colombo to Kalutara while the south side of the lake finds its way to the open seas through the Thalpe canal. The exotic biodiversity of the lake will certainly thrill the true naturalist to the core. The Bolgoda lake is home to a wide array of waterfowls and fresh water fish.

The shore of the lake is dotted with opulent resorts, villas and restaurants welcoming visitors to enjoy a comfortable stay while savouring scrumptious dishes prepared with the day’s catch. When the sunlight turns honey-gold, the mirror like reflections on water create spellbinding moments which are almost enchanting. The placid waters of the lake rippled in a metallic glow under the setting sun cast shades of silhouettes all around. A weekend spent by the serene Bolgoda lake is undoubtedly a one filled with fun and leisure

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