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It's the surf season of Sri Lanka's Eastern coast so grab your board and head to Arugam Bay's famed points
Surfing is an adventure sport in Sri Lanka
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Surfing in Sri Lanka is a lifestyle. It’s a favourite local past time, after all, Sri Lanka is a tropical island surrounded by miles of open water to indulge in and beaches speckled with formations, coves and cliffs that make the waves spill in unrestrained twists. Yes, the surfing season is on in Sri Lanka, but then again it’s never off season here. Surfing enthusiasts can make a dash to the water and of course be assured of heightened stimulation. Where else could one find the finest waves but in the east and south coasts, where reliable swells that ensure the safety of beginners can also be found. Well-experienced trainers can be hired to ensure further safety. 

Surfing captured the south and east coasts like a fever, transforming the landscapes. There’s quite a lot of expertise and state of the art gear for surfing in Sri Lanka today and of course many helping hands in youngsters from the local communities, ever so willing to tutor the surf enthusiast. 

The East coast of Sri Lanka is an unpolluted stretch of spectacular beach and ocean listed as one of ten top surf spots in the world. And, Arugam Bay aka AbaY, is the place to be this time of year for a heart stopping and exhilarating surfing experience with rides of upto 44 metres. The popular point breaks are Arugam Bay Point, Whisky Point, Pottuvil Point, Peanut Farm , Elephant Rock, Okanda Point, Arugam Bay baby point, Lighthouse/ Green Beach and Crocodile Rock. Whisky Point is suitable for beginners; while Arugam Bay Point, Pottuvil Point situated on a north of Arugam Bay is and Okanda Point are for advance surfers. 

Sri Lanka’s jagged south coast from the historic city of Galle reaching up to Tangalle consists of delightful coral-protected bays and headlands and offers a greater diversity of beaches than the southwest coast. At Kabalana, Midigama, Weligama, Mirissa and Matara - surfers prowl the shores to catch the best waves. 

The waves and gear to suit all are here, all you need is bravado and spirit to catch a thrilling wave.

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