Dewatagaha Mosque

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Dewatagaha Mosque
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Sacred resting place of a great saint, the mosque is revered by people of all denominations

Declared a national archaeological site, Dewatagaha mosque in Cinnamon Gardens is both historically and architecturally noteworthy. It is the shrine of His Holiness Ash Sheikh Usman Ibnu Abdur Rahman Siddiqee Volliyullah, a saint whose resting place was discovered at the same site in 1802. The walls and ceilings of the mosque are adorned with gilded calligraphy and geometric Islamic art. Most of the murals on the walls comprise aspects of future events in one’s life. People of all faiths visit this mosque to seek the blessings of the great saint, in whose honour a feast is held for twelve days every year.


Venue name: Dewatagaha Mosque
Address: 12 C W W Kannangara Mawatha
Cinnamon Gardens
Colombo 7

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