Dondra Head Lighthouse

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Dondra Head Lighthouse
Dondra Head Lighthouse
Dondra Head Lighthouse

A tower that stands in the midst of the City of Gods.

Standing at the Southern most point of Sri Lanka, the Dondra Head Lighthouse built by British in 1889 is currently operated and maintained by the Sri Lanka Ports Authority. Octagonal in shape and painted in white, the Dondra Lighthouse stands 54m high in a carefully tended garden. It is one of the four international lighthouses in Sri Lanka and also one of the tallest in South East Asia as well. The Lighthouse is still active and helps to guide ships and boats and is positioned at a crucial point in the Maritime route. The Dondra Head Lighthouse also transmits radio wave signals to surrounding lighthouses in Sri Lanka. 

Consisting of seven floors and 14 two panel windows, one has to climb 196 steps to reach the top of the lighthouse where the view overlooking the ocean is quite breathtaking. However, to climb you have to get prior permission from the Ports Authority.


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