Enjoy Sunday morning at Mount Lavinia beach

Stroll leisurely along the sandy beaches of Mount Lavinia, that offers a relaxing space to every visitor...
Mount beach
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Mount Lavinia beach
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Mount Lavinia
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By Swetha |

With the soft morning splashes of waves rolling onto the sandy beaches of Mount Lavinia, you’re sure to kick-start your day with plenty of vigour and freshness. Amidst the distracting hullabaloos of trains across the railway, the Mount beach with an embracing wind is really a good spot to welcome the dawn.

Passing by the seashore hotels, resting huts and the rising morning sun, you’ll love idling on the patterns of thousands of footprints along the shore. The combination of the breezy wind and the welcoming chill of the tides will make you want to sit and get lost in your thoughts for a while.

Stepping onto the Mount beach before dawn will give you a meditative sensation as if you’ve been carried away from the commotions of everyday life. You will feel vibrant with a pair of ear buds plugged into your ears while jogging or walking slowly on the sand. It is ideal for a leisurely stroll along the golden sandy beach.

Living in the equanimity of the fresh atmosphere, before the sun shows up on the East sky, you’ll catch the sight of dancing crows searching for food, escaping from the bubbly waves adding beauty to the panorama.

The Mount beach is one of the finest morning-relaxing spots in Colombo not only for you, but also for your pet. You can have a leisure stroll on the beach giving your dog some quality playtime.

The best part of starting your day at the Mt Beach is the Kurakkan and Gotukola porridge available on the shore with little pieces of jaggery, of which you should make sure to take at least a few sips. We waited impatiently for the vendor to set it up and gulped down a few warm sips of Kurakkan porridge.

If you are residing in the suburbs of Colombo, do not forget to go and have a meditative, refreshing morning vibe before getting disrupted by the world’s tide.

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