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You will find the escape route to pristine paradise after passing Urani on the Pottuvil-Batticaloa road, with a signboard directing you to Kanchikudichchiaru.


This dusty road is verged by wild and rural landscape. In the scrubland all around you will be found herds of water buffalo, and there are many chances of glimpsing elephants, shadow like amidst trees before they turn heel and disappear at your approach.

The Kanchikudichchiaru tank will be the end of your long journey – and it is a very satisfying destination. Tanks in general are great places to just watch and feel happiness ripple within you.

Kanchikudichchiaru is set away from the world. The topaz blue expanse of waters with the jungle in the far fringes is mesmerizing, especially at dusk or dawn. Silhouettes of distant mountains loomed in blue and green.

Bleached white tree trunks in the middle of the tank stand holding up their hands to the sky. The tank is a favourite local fishing ground, writhing with silver shoals. You would see an occasional villager cast his net wide and draw forth a thick harvest. But these men have to be always wary of the crocodiles who bask in the sun, deceptive with their dozing appearance as they are really keeping a roguish, live interest on the surroundings, ever ready to snatch and snap.

If you lay anchor here and laze around, you will ‘experience’ the tank which changes as the day, the sky and the light change slowly. From dawn to dusk it takes many moods: the milky morning, hot golden noon and restful, peaceful, mellow dusk. The big bonus would be the elephants that are often expected to stop by for a drink, several times a day.