Marble Beach

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Marble Beach
Marble Beach

The still atmosphere offers a serene escape

The atmosphere is very still at Marble Beach. It could best be described as serenity at its utmost. The stretch of sand, running alongside the light blue ocean, seems to go on endlessly. To many, the allure of Marble Beach lies in its untouched, pristine beauty. A dip in the sea or a stroll on the beach here will soothe your senses. 

For the greater part of the year, barring the waters at Marble Beach remain distinctively calm and as clear as glass. The sight of the light blue, placid sea would please anyone’s eyes while the absolute purity of the environment is the speciality of Marble Beach. 

The calm waters that recede in a shallow gradient towards the deep allow an adventurer to wade into the waters for a reasonable distance while submerging only a part of the body. With the distant view of Rock Island breaking the horizon and adding colour to the scene, swimming in the water and lying on the sand all through the day can make time fly by in a very pleasant manner. 

In addition to the resplendent beach, the sea here is home to large schools of coloured fish. Taking advantage of the calm waters fish swim close to the shore. Snorkelling is a popular activity at Marble Beach due to the  charismatic sight of coloure fish swimming in great droves, forming a dazzling underwater rainbow. A rudimentary assembly, which are present at a far corner of the beach’s waters offer the more adventurous and expeditious visitor a breathtakingly beautiful sight. 

There is much to be admired on land too at Marble Beach. The Diamond Hill, so named by the British although it bears no materialistic connection to the precious stone, is another magnet for expeditious adventurers. The entire Trincomalee bay comes within the scope of vision from the summit of Diamond Hill. Standing atop this hill, the awe you feel can be so exhilarating that the mild fatigue of the climb will be more than rewarded. 


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