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  1. Kala Wewa
    ©BT ImagesKala Wewa
  2. Kala Wewa
    ©BT ImagesKala Wewa
  3. An elephant enjoys a splash of water
    An elephant enjoys a splash of water
  4. The tranquil waters of Kala Wewa
    The tranquil waters of Kala Wewa

Tranquil Kala Weva

Kala Weva, a massive reservoir reflecting the brilliance of ancient irrigation systems is also a place to reinvigorate and relax.

Written by
Darrshini Parthipan

Sweet breeze swirls the waters and swishes through the foliage before wrapping around you. A soothing lull of the serene lake and nature tingles the ears. On the banks of Kala Wewa, where kings and princes stood over a millennium ago, the soul is touched by a sense of absolute tranquillity.

Kala Wewa, one of the oldest man- made tanks in Sri Lanka, is linked to many a folklore as well as historic saga. Near the embankment is a statue of the great King Datusena, who overlooked the construction of this magnificent water body. Mythos state that the king may have even concealed treasure in the depths of the wewa. However, the real treasure of this creation is its natural beauty and benefit to agriculture and wildlife. Aquatic birds including herons, egrets, cormorants, lapwings and darters fly over the lake on the hunt for fish or are perched on trees and branches protruding from the water. Fish eagles and Brahminy kites soar high in the sky, ready to dive at a moments notice. As evening approaches, the banks of the wewa, now a renowned national park, becomes a playground for elephants. The herds emerge, crunching on twigs and trumpeting. The adults have their fill of the leafy greens and submerge in the waters.

While the little ones are kept protectively close, the teenage elephants can be seen mischievously frolicking, teasing each other and being disciplined by the adults. It is indeed a majestic sight to behold these gentle giants in their element.

Always keep in mind that the Kala Weva National Park is a protected natural habitat of wild animals, therefore make sure to behave responsibly. Whether you are driving by the reservior, walking along its banks or are taking a safari through its dense forestry, Kala Weva will help you clear your mind and reconnect with nature. 

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