Story of Seetha

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The Story of Seetha
The Story of Seetha

Enchanting and epic tale of Rama and Seetha unfolds in a presentation of dance choreographed by Chandana Wickramasinghe and performed by the Dancers' Guild

The enchanting tale of Rama and Seetha unfolds in a fascinating presentation of dance choreographed by Chandana Wickramasinghe and performed by the Dancers’ Guild. Chandana Wickremasinghe’s presentation of the epic saga is bound to keep the audience engrossed. The story is beautifully sequenced to narrate the story through a graceful performance. The passion of the choreographer for portraying traditional and fusion dance forms is visible through this presentation for which the music was directed by Peshala Manoj.

The plot of ‘Story of Seetha’ portrays Seetha’s unwavering love for her husband Rama and his allegation that she holds an undisclosed fondness for Ravana, the king of Lanka. Grand celebrations welcome the return of the royals: Rama, Seetha and Lakshmana. After an absence of fourteen years that was spent in loneliness, Seetha’s return has brought her much content and bliss as she relishes afresh the beauty of nature. Back in the royal household, the couple’s love for each other is renewed in a state of peacefulness until Rama discovers a drawing of Ravana on an ola leaf underneath Seetha’s pillow. This ignites Rama’s anger, which is depicted in a scene of wrath and heartbreaking sequences.

Seetha, unaware of the cause of Rama’s anger, is dressed in heavenly attire and engages in a spectacular dance ritual performing Shiva Deva Pooja. It is here that the scene transforms with anger and sorrow descending on a beautiful atmosphere.

Seetha’s thoughts trail off to her devotion to Rama during their separation, and the way in which Ravana protected her from all harm and showed great love and compassion towards Mandodari, his wife. Seetha then performs a dance in which she sees the destructive war between Rama and Ravana, and how Ravana dies in battle leading Madodari to sacrifice her life. Confused and saddened by Rama’s accusations, Seetha tries to prove her innocence by setting herself on fire, avowing that the fire will burn her if she has committed wrong. When she emerges from it unharmed, an amazed and embarrased Rama seeks forgiveness.

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