Joe’s Bungalow Yala

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The simplistic villa  brings out the character of the surrounding scrublands.

Minutes away from wildlife, stunning beaches and cultural attractions, Joe’s Bungalow Yala is situated in Kirinda, a charming village in the southern coast. Breezy open corridors and wooden furniture along with the thatched roof complements the bungalow’s coexistence with the nature. 

The rustic bungalow means to bring you closer to the nature, and invites you to relax in their jungle retreat. You can observe herds of deer moving about, and take in the soothing sounds of the chirping birds flying above. There’s plenty to do here, and you won’t have a dull moment at Joe’s Bungalow.What’s remarkable, is that the bungalow has an in-house cook who is always happy to make your favourite dishes, whether its traditional Sri Lankan or continental cuisine.


Venue name: Joe’s Bungalow Yala
Address: Kirinda
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