Maritime Archaeological Museum

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Artifacts of the Marine life…

Located in the Galle Fort, this archeological museum once underwent a major restoration project as it was damaged by the Tsunami in 2006. Collections were washed away, and some were damaged, but others remained, however, with the aid of the Kingdom of Ireland, the museum was reopened in 2010. Currently you can find many artifacts, models, statutes and other interesting objects that were left behind by Sailors or which were rested on the sea bed along with the ships.  

The Museum consists of objects of marine life. Furthermore, Video presentations and the ambience adds to the experience, realistic statues of ancient people, models of ships and many interesting antiques can be found here.

Visiting the museum will not only be an educational trip but also an entertaining one.


Venue name: Maritime Archaeological Museum
Address: Queens Street
Gale Fort
Opening hours: 8:30am - 4:30pm (Daily), Poya and Public Holidays Closed
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