Chamber Music Society of Colombo

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The Chamber Music Society of Colombo will present the chamber music of Paul Hindemith and Ludwig van Beethoven, with emphasis on their String Quartets and Piano trios.

Paul Hindemith, born in 1894, was one of the leading trendsetters of musical modernism. He was a master composer, conductor, violist, educator, theoretician and one of the four founders of modernism. His theoretic concerns ran deep and wide, and incorporated medieval philosophy, early church writings and various musical subject matter. He is best known for his opera, 'Mathis der Maler' (Matthias the Painter).

Ludwig van Beethoven born in 1770, composed in several musical genres and for a variety of instrument combinations. His works for symphony orchestra, concerti and chamber music rank as some of the most iconic ever written. He is generally considered to be one of the most important figures in the history of music.

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