Stigmata Refuse/resist

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Stigmata Refuse/resist
Stigmata Refuse/resist

Unpretentious and nonconforming, Sri Lanka’s favourite heavy metal band takes stage for the second time in Colombo to celebrate Sri Lankan artistry and thought provoking lyricism. Kicking open the archaic, Stigmata has since its inception changed the local music platform. On the back of their Silent Chaos Serpentine (album)10 Year Anniversary gig that sent shockwaves across Colombo in February, Stigmata is back, albeit with something new. Yes, the heavy metal band is all geared for their second performance of the year Refuse/Resist.

So who will be on stage? From the original ensemble, Suresh de Silva remains the vocalist and lyricist of the current Stigmata. Other members include, Taraka Senewirathne on drums, Andrew Obeysekere on lead and rhythm guitar, Tennyson Napoleon on rhythm, lead guitar and Lakmal on bass.

Fostering techniques and musicality from whatever they find to be revolutionary, Stigmata presents it as it is.  Their recent and much talked of album, The Ascetic Paradox took all metal heads by storm when it was released in October last year. After the local release, the album debuted internationally in Wellington, New Zealand on the October 24 and Auckland on October 25. From it ‘An Idle Mind is the Devil’s Workshop’ has caught hold the attention of their dear following and will prove to be a hit at Refuse/Resist.

An inspiration to Sri Lanka’s western influenced bands, their latest “gig-concert” provides a platform for local bands Abyss, Sevexth and Nefertem.

Stigmata entered the spotlight with their albums Hollow Dreams (2003) debuted to a crowd of 200 and Silent Chaos Serpentine (2006). Since then, they have been aweing crowds of over 30,000 at Resurrection Dubai, Dhaka Army Stadium, the SAARC Band Festival, The South Asian Band Festivals, Southern Ultimate Explosion Malaysia, The Rock Storm Festival in Maldives. Topping charts in the United States, France, Australia, Germany, Japan they were also featured by Discovery Channel on “Invite Mr Wright” and “Out of Bounds”. It is rare to see Stigmata in concert and Refuse/Resist promises to be an adrenaline pumping performance that would be a shame for any metal fan to miss.

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