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A day in Galle…

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Swetha Rathnajothiee

This Southern coastal town features sunny beaches, museums, historic sites, shopping destinations and delectable cuisine. Both Sri Lankan and international tourists flock to Galle simply to soak in its laidback ambience. Perfect for a weekend getaway, Galle has a wealth of cultural marvels for the tourist to indulge. The city had a thriving hub for commercial trade even before the Dutch Era and has a fantastic story that visitors can unravel while exploring the city and all its wonders. 

Galle Fort

The UNESCO World Heritage Site, situated overlooking the Indian Ocean is one of the most popular destinations in Galle, and draws a large number of tourists. The houses within the fort has been converted into chic boutique shops, colourful art galleries, antique shops and restaurants. A walk along the inner streets of the fort always brings you to trendy shops or cafés.

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The lighthouse

The lighthouse within the fortress is a steady structure that has been a part of the site through the decades guiding the sailors ashore.

The Maritime Archaeology Museum

Located within the Galle Fort, the museum offers amazing insights into the Sri Lankan maritime traditions through the years.

Galle National Museum

Known to be constructed in 1656, the museum displays an array of archaeological and anthropological objects. This includes the ancient carvings, Beeralu collection, objects reflecting the influence of the Dutch such as large water vessels, VOC porcelain objects and weapons used by the Dutch soldiers.

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The Dutch reformed Church

An elegant structure that is located inside the fort, the church maintains records of the matrimonies and baptisms of the inhabitants of Galle who had attended the church.

Old Dutch Hospital Shopping Complex

The former Dutch Hospital has been converted into a fashionable shopping complex that houses restaurants, boutiques and gem shops.

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Galpatha Temple

The Galpatha Temple houses the sacred Tooth Relic of Arhat Maha Kassapa.

Stilt fishing

The south coast is also a fantastic place to witness the unique fishing techniques used by the fishermen from these areas.

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Amari Galle 

Along the golden coast of the Southern coast; Amari Galle is a blissful beach paradise. The salty ocean breeze and lull of the waves envelope the guests as they step into the hotel. The lobby is inspired by the elements of earth, resembling its enigmatic character, and appears in perfect harmony with the surroundings.

The 172 rooms and suites feature spacious and bright interiors capturing the tranquillity of the sunny coast. Each room is equipped with modern ameni- ties to provide a truly luxurious stay. The elegant Presidential Suite exuding opulence, consists of a dining area, living room and balcony with a plunge pool.

The Voyager Lounge is a warm and friendly space exclusively designed for an informal rendezvous during anytime of the day, while savouring scrumptious baked goodies and a range of refreshing tea and coffee.

Ahara Gourmet Gallery, the signature market-style restaurant invites diners to embark on a delightful gastronomic experience. The live kitchen offers the opportunity to witness fascinating culinary traditions and experience exotic flavours from across the world come to life.

Unwind and enjoy a variety of cocktails perfectly curated by skilled mixologists at the Shoreline Beach Club. Guests can also sip on tropical beverages while being mesmerised by the sunset overlooking the Indian Ocean from the Bommu rooftop bar. Amari Galle also has a magnificent ballroom; the ideal venue for your wedding or even a corporate event. The three ‘Idea’ rooms are equipped for those who want to host creative meet- ings. Breeze Spa, is a tranquil oasis, which offers wellness treatments to rejuvenate the mind and body. The hotel also has a gymnasium. There is a Kids Club, where children will be taken care of and entertained with a range of activities.

Amari Galle offers a memorable sun-kissed getaway in the South of Sri Lanka.

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