Casino Marina Colombo

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Casino Marina is a casino in Colombo, Sri Lanka
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Casino on Marine Drive

Since it opened in 2013 in a purpose built building on Marine Drive, Marina Casino has helped raise the standard of casinos in the city by having each of its four floors dedicated to particular players. Thus one floor is reserved for VVIPs with no limits, while another is reserved for private sessions and a third for dedicated to tour groups on special pre-paid gaming packages. The ground floor is spacious and colourful, with roulette and card tables in the centre and a wall of slot machines to one side. The standard games together with Indian Flush and Texas Hold’Em Poker are available. There are lucky draws of members’ numbers throughout the day.

The sense of decorum is noticeable on entering the casino but that hasn’t tamed the sense of fun with occasional whoops of joy from winners. Patrons are of all nationalities with the place being popular with established Colombo regulars and visiting foreigners. There is smooth steward service and premium drinks and snacks are available at the tables, while a ground floor restaurant serves buffets of Asian and International cuisine at appropriate times throughout the day.



Venue name: Casino Marina Colombo
Address: 30 Marine Drive
Colombo 3
Opening hours: Daily 24 hours
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