1864 Restaurant

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1864 Restaurant
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1864 Restaurant
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Dining in style in a restaurant that has an intriguing historical backdrop.

The 1864 Restaurant, part of the Galle Face Hotel, is an iconic piece of architecture that has been created from an original part of the building that dates back to 1864. With its historical features still in tact, the décor of 1864 relies on the original bare brick walls, ornately carved murals and soft lighting, which results in an unusual backdrop to enjoy a gourmet-style dining. 

The menu includes local, continental and seafood favourites as well as desserts, fruit juices, mocktails and interesting additions like sweet or salty lassi, an Indian traditional drink and Aperitifs to name just a few. Beers, spirits and wine are also available and there is a spiral staircase leading down to the Wine Cellar that can at times be used for private events, or by friends who just wish to share a bottle of wine amongst themselves.


Venue name: 1864 Restaurant
Address: Galle Face Hotel
2, Galle Road
Colombo 3
Opening hours: Daily 7am-11pm
Price: Rs. 1,850 (breakfast); Rs. 2,500 (lunch); Rs. 4,500 (dinner)
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