Seafood Cove

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Seafood Cove
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Seafood Cove
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Seafood Cove
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A secluded spot for an intimate candlelit dinner by the beach.

The ambience at The Seafood Cove, Mount Lavinia Hotel, is extremely peaceful. With candlelit tables set beside the beach, guests feel happy in a breezy and scenic rustic island atmosphere.

The Seafood Cove takes pride in serving freshly caught seafood from the Indian Ocean just steps away. The seafood is fresh, displayed on ice until cooked the way customers wish – whether grilled, sautéed, devilled, poached or fried.

A live band playing soft music enhances the magic and charisma of the night while the waves gently wash the shore. 


Venue name: Seafood Cove
Address: Mount Lavinia Hotel
100, Hotel Road
Mount Lavinia
Mount Lavinia
Opening hours: Mon–Sun 7pm–10:30pm; Sat, Sun 12pm–5pm
Price: Rs 1,400 (Breakfast); Rs 1,900 (Lunch); Rs 2,600 (Dinner)
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