Yacht Cabin

Restaurants Colombo 6

A place that serves a variety of delicious dishes to pique your palate!

Yacht Cabin located right by the sea, opposite Global Towers along the Marine Drive, provides a picturesque view if you happen to be there right as the sun sets. Serving a variety of Sri Lankan dishes, the place is filled with small huts with thatched roofs, each able to seat around four people, where one can enjoy a cosy lunch or dinner. The main items on the menu include kottu, hot egg hoppers, milk hoppers and plain hoppers, served after 6 pm and all inspired from popular street food. However, for lunch Nasi Goreng and different types of fried rice are whipped up while if you fancy a lighter snack you can opt for a chicken salad sandwich, chicken submarine, Pizza Margarita or a Pizza Hawaiian. 


Venue name: Yacht Cabin
Address: Global Towers Hotels and Apartments
Marine Drive
Colombo 6
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