Mabroc Bubble Tea

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Mabroc Bubble Tea
Damith Gayan Karunarathna

At the corner of the Liberty Plaza food court, Mabroc Bubble Tea gurgles with exciting new flavours. They specialise in Bubble Tea; vibrant coloured refreshing liquids with bubbly surprises. They serve an assortment of Chocolate Teas, Iced Fruit Teas, Milkshakes, Sorbets, Herbal Teas and Kids drinks.

The cute and vibrant environment makes this a much sought after hang- out spot, where one can unwind with colleagues or friends after a busy day. Its vibrant interior and colourful beverages will uplift your spirits as you enjoy a Blue Coral Bubble Tea with Dolphin Jelly after a long day.

Mabroc serves both hot and cold bubble beverages. Their extensive menu features Bubble Classics, Bubble Fruiteas, Bubble Shakes, Bubble Snow, Bubble Cubs and Bubble Herbyz. These fun drinks come in regular and large sizes with exotic fruit or chocolate flavours infused with tea, tapioca bubbles, popping bubbles or jellies.

All beverages are infused with premium Ceylon Tea to give an extra tinge to the drink; you receive only the best at Mabroc. Bubble Classics are tea infusions with Chocolate, Rose Milk, Tiramisu and Toffee flavours. Bubble Fruiteas include signature flavours Naarang and Lychee Black Tea. Bubble Herbyz are infusions of herbal tea including slimming herbal tea and cleanse herbal tea, ideal for that weekly detox your body needs.

So head on over to Mabroc Bubble Tea and slurp on a deliciously cool and bubbly beverage. Beat the tropical heat with your favourite Bubble Tea with popping Bubbles. 


Venue name: Mabroc Bubble Tea
Address: 250/B04/1A
R A De Mel Mawatha
Colombo 3
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