Tong Ni Barbeque

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Unique restaurant where you can cook your own food

Tony Ni Barbeque offers customers the unique opportunity to barbeque their food at their tables. Located centrally in Colombo city, this restaurant caters to those who love freshly cooked food. You can either take the opportunity to barbeque your food or order one of their sizzling dishes which will arrive at your table in a cloud of steam. The menu is one of the most varied of any Chinese restaurant in Sri Lanka, with a whole host of foods including some of the less common cuts of meat. It's a modern place with fashionable seating and imaginative wallpaper. VIP rooms on the second floor can be booked for special occasions like birthdays or business conferences. 



Address: 108, Walukarama Road
Colombo 3
Opening hours: Daily 11am–3pm and 5pm–11pm

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