Colombo Racecourse

Shopping Colombo 7
Colombo Racecourse
Colombo Racecourse
Colombo Racecourse

Colonial building converted into a shopping mall

The beautiful bright white Racecourse grounds in Colombo were converted into a shopping mall in 2014, marking a new generation for the colonial building. Today it houses a whole host of shops, cafes and restaurants. It's a pleasant place to relax, and you can walk through the shade of the covered colonnades without much hustle or bustle. The paviliion where spectators used to watch horse racing from is still there, but the grounds are now used for much a more animal-friendly activity - rugby. This field was also used as an airstrip during World War Two. 


Venue name: Colombo Racecourse
Address: Reid Avenue
Colombo 7
Opening hours: 9am–midnight
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