Foot Rub

Health and beauty, Spas Colombo 8

Relief for the feet after a round of golf.

The Royal Colombo Golf Club, an oasis of green surrounded by business establishments and residential areas, is an ideal location for a Footrub spa. Adjoining the course where golfers play, the Footrub spa treats tired golfers with revitalising attention with an excellent quality of service.

The spa specialises in a variety of massages. The Shiatsu acupressure seated massage, Indian  head massage, and reflex point foot massage, smooth away weariness and stress. Footrub also retails a range of Scholl products related to foot care. Fit feet make for a better game!


Venue name: Foot Rub
Address: Royal Colombo Golf Club
223, Model Farm Road
Colombo 8
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