Mlesna Tea Fortress

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Mlesna Tea Fortress

A massive grey building looking like a majestic fortress invites all lovers of Ceylon Tea to experience Mlesna’s expertise. One can witness the massive bronze boiler signaling travelers to stop and have more than just a cuppa.

At the entrance, one will be greeted with the intricate carvings of traditional moonstones on the cemented floor signifying Sri Lanka’s history and her culture. The interior provides an earthy ambience as one walks in. The atrium of the fortress with an open roof, an ideal form of ventilation, allows extra light to pass through and makes one blend with the nature. With state of the art facility the Tea Fortress is the first of its kind in the country to have incorporated a restaurant as well as a gem shop within the same space.

The fortress has a separate section in the ground floor, which features popular Sri Lankan gemstones that are embellished in delicate pieces of jewellery that attracts the eyes of many. There is also a ‘Tea shop’ with neatly displayed tea packs and porcelain tea pots. Also found here are porcelain ware plated with gold lining adding that extra touch of grandness, The first floor takes you through the stairs with red carpets rolled out and invites guests to dine in the well lit, spacious restaurant. The restaurant offers pleasant views of the magical surroundings through the glass paneled walls. The restaurant can accommodate up to 60 guests and offers Sri Lankan, Continental and Oriental cuisine.

Tea is more than just a beverage in Sri Lanka, and the Mlesna Tea Fortress is a grand temple to this little plant that put our country on the map.


Venue name: Mlesna Tea Fortress
Address: 445, Kandy Road
Opening hours: Daily 8am-6:30pm
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