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Excellence in education is principal at this international school

The Overseas School of Colombo (OSC) enjoys the gilded laurels of being the oldest international school in Sri Lanka. This is the only school in Sri Lanka to offer the International Baccalaureate Programme (IB) from Pre-school to Grade 12. Therefore, the school’s academic programme is designed to provide students a holistic educational experience.

IB is a US and European accredited academic programme, which introduces children to physical, aesthetic activities as well as social service, in addition to academia. Students are therefore exposed to three areas of learning. To support this, the school is well facilitated with a gym, swimming pool, grounds and cafeteria. The teachers at OSC are also well qualified in their respective fields.

At all three levels of the International Baccalaureate programme students are essentially encouraged personal and academic achievement. This includes preparing students for a lifetime of learning and analytical thinking.

The Primary Years Programme at OSC prepares students to effectively participate in the world. Students are not assessed using traditional letter grades or percentages. They are instead given an Assessment Descriptor of Exceeding, Meeting, Approaching or Below Expectations. To ensure students receive the best academic preparation, each year students from Grades Two to Ten undergo an international on-line adaptive assessment in the areas of Reading and Mathematics.

The Middle Years Programme (11y – 16y) and Diploma Programme (16y – 19y) encourage students to make real world connections while developing a depth of knowledge. Thus, Diploma Level students engage in various outdoor activities as well as social engagement projects. The final 4,000-word academic thesis, enables students to delve deeply into an area of particular academic interest. With a diverse student body of 47 nationalities, OSC aims to nurture wholesome individuals.


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