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  1. Shop till you drop for Christmas!
  2. Dazzling decors of the festive season at Odel
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  3. House of Fashions
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  4. Dutch Hospital
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Shop till you drop for Christmas!

Mistletoes, berries, bells and fairy lights adorning the storefronts remind that Christmas is well on its way, and the shoppers are already thronging the department stores, malls and boutiques.

Written by
Swetha Rathnajothiee

It is high time that you indulge in seasonal shopping, be it to find that perfect gift for a loved one, or that fancy décor you were looking for to light up your home.

Festive season has arrived in style, and it is time to do some shopping and treat yourself, ending the year as exuberantly as you started it. Seasonal offers and end-of-year-shopping fiestas are a galore and the streets are alive 24 hours of the day. Step inside your favourite shopping destination, grab yourself the best of the best while enjoying the festive cheer of the most fabulous time of the year.

There are plenty of shopping malls and stores in the cities that reverberate with festive cheer, bringing in trendy and exciting collections. Get yourself out there and explore the vast range of gift ideas, be it clothing, accessories or household items, in this season of giving.

House of Fashions mall in Borella and their second department store on Duplication Road, Colombo 4, along with Odel, Kandy City Centre (KCC) and the country’s latest addition of malls: Marino Mall and Colombo City Centre are some of the ideal places to shop for the best Sri Lankan and international products, exquisitely replenished for the festive season. While you shop, do not forget to treat yourself with the festive delicacies that can be found in every nook and corner. Cafés, pop up sales and food festivals are a galore; choose your favourite pick. Colonial majesticity exudes from the Dutch buildings restored into luxurious malls across the country: Dutch Hospital in Fort, Arcade Independence Square, Race Course and Galle Dutch Hospital Shopping Precinct. Visit and enjoy the colonial opulence while treating yourself. If you are looking for fancy gift items and vibrant trinkets, Pettah Market would treat you well.

The festivities of this season mark the end of a year, and therefore it is high time that you celebrate the dawn of a new year, bidding adieu to 2018 with joy.

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