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5 Things to Take Home from the Island

Written by
Darrshini Parthipan

Our check list will ensure that you baffle guests and friends and earn a many “Where did you get this??!!”

More often than not souvenir shopping can be a confusing chore especially when you want to buy valuable items and stay clear from  meaningless overpriced kitsch.Here is a list of our best pick of goodies that are proudly Sri Lankan; Make sure that you take a reasonable stash of these which are best bought here than in any other place.



Ceylon Tea

Ceylon Tea© BT Images

The history of ceylon tea dates back to ages and is world renowned for its unique taste and aroma. The tea, grown in hill country and southern parts is one of the finest qualities ever produced Grab a bagful of fresh tea powder that comes in various flavours and carry home the enchantment of a Sri Lankan Cuppa.












 Batiks and handlooms 


Batiks© BT Images

Batik prints are colourful dye based designs with a dash of irregularity giving them its quirky appearance. Though its popular all over South East Asia, the Sri Lankan Batik has a special allure and it comes on a variety of clothing, ranging from sarees to shorts.Nothing speaks chic fashion more than a batik skirt and a hand loom blouse, in a truly native sense.Though they are available in almost all clothing shops across the country make sure you go to a genuine seller to get good deal on value for money.









 Gems and jewellery

gems and jewellery

Colourful sparkles© BT Images

Ladies will find a spoiling array of jewellery and gem stones here.The Blue sapphires are a pride of  the nation and adorn the royal treasures of several countries till date. Other types of dazzling gems are available and an ideal place to buy them would be the National gem and jewellery authority at the capital.















You might have spotted these masks at most Sri Lankan homes and even public places.Known for its artistic value, these were traditionally hung in front of homes to ward of the harmful effects of an evil eye.With an age long tradition attached to it ,the masks have become trinkets worth spending money on. Ambalangoda is the the largest producer of the puppet masks and you can browse the city’s streets to pick one appealing to you.



Cane products

 Cane products

Cane products© BT Images

If you are looking for something new and unconventional for your home, cane or bamboo furniture would be a fitting addition.Corner stands,chairs,sofas and patio furniture are available in major stores or even in one of those unassuming highway stores.

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