Theatre, Drama

Directed by Thilak Nandana Hettiarachchi, Gabsawa (The Abortion) centers on the two main characters of a doctor and a four-month-old fetus. The fetus, aware of the doctor’s attempts at abortion, struggles for life. Since it was first staged in 1997, the play has been widely acclaimed.

This drama opens an avenue to question the present role of the social tools built by the man for the benefit of the human race such as family, morals, culture and language. Further, it invites to the audience to question the influence of these tools to determine the value and existence of the form of the human life from cradle to grave. The stage set of this drama, in which the main roles are played by Jagath Manuwarna and Saman Hemarathna, has been designed by Koralegedara Pushpakumara and Pradeep Chandrasiri.

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