Samurai Grandma

Theatre, Drama
Samurai Grandma

A comedy drama woven around the joys and tragedies of life in Japan, directed and played by Shoko Ito.

Shoko Ito is the director and the 18-character actor in this comedy drama also labelled as "The Female Samurai".

Written in 1994, 'The Female Samurai' is a theatre play in dedication to Shoko's sister Nobuko. The story is about the joys and tragedies of life in Japan. A pursuit of the material in the modern society of Japan which, despite its conveniences, marks a significant number of suicides. A web of abundance and spiritual poverty.

The film and play are woven around Japan's historically famous samurai Oda Nobunaga, fusing it with today's modern world with all its complexities. Nobunaga sells his soul to a demi-God in return to save his life, but is transported 400 years into the future.

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