Selfie synopsis

When mysterious forces are at work, can the bonds of friendship stand strong?

Selfie synopsis
Selfie synopsis

Selfie is a story about seven young friends, Carl, Thila, Saga, Bips, Suki, Mino and Lali, all from affluent families, who strive to stay close despite their unique differences. The hyperactive Carl in search of an adventure in the wild, the handsome Saga whose passion is to invent and gather evidence on ghosts, big brother Thila who is frugal yet dreams of being a Robin Hood like hero and the young and quick tempered Bips whose life’s ambition is to eat and take selfies make the foursome of boys. The girls in the group include the pretty Suki who is obsessed with becoming a beauty queen, the hot-tempered yet loyal Lali who can never make up her mind about her passion and Mino who loves the great outdoors and harbours a secret crush on Carl. 

Once they open up a coffee shop their friendship must also stand the test of business, the commanding Ms Monro and the entrance of the beautiful Ashara, the envy of the girls and the desire of the boys. Motivated by Carl, the friends including Ashara and Ms Monro, make a journey into the thicket of the jungle a few days before Lali’s wedding in search of an adventure that eventually changes the course of their lives and everyone they love. As the group scatters in the jungle, Lali, Ashara and Bips vanish from the earth and are dragged into a parallel universe. Following a futile search, Carl, Thila, Saga, Suki and Mino struggle to get closure and lead normal lives after the loss of their friends. After a month in the parallel universe, Lali, Ashara and Bips return to Colombo with their new alien friend Thimotho,only to find that they have aged 19 years since their journey to the jungle and that no one recognises them. 

The three struggle to gain the confidence and trust of their friends, a feat that seems almost futile, to get their help in reversing the aging process. Will Lali, Ashara and Bips gain the trust of their friends? Can they find a solution to their aging problem? And will Thimotho be able to blend into Colombo society without attracting unwanted attention? Selfie is a drama with complex themes that explore the bonds of friendship and love. It’s a relatable self-exploration journey of seven youth. Packed with humour, drama and action, Selfie is a theatre production for the entire family.