Bellanwila Esala Perahera

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The Bellanwila Esala Maha Perahera which exhibits the spiritual, cultural and scared tradition of its area pays tribute to the entire island. Taking place in the month of August each year, it brings to life a social extravaganza, beckoning thousands of devotees and visitors to watch. 

A Dhamma Desana, or blessings, commence in honour of Bellanwila temple’s chief incumbent as a part of the rituals preceding the Perahera festivities.  

This procession goes above and beyond in evoking a cultural practice that has been journeying its way up for centuries providing and indirectly bestowing people with the opportunity, at a grand scale, to experience an age-old tradition that to this day remains consistent. 

Regional dance performances, comprising of up country, low country and Sabaragamu dances; Buddhist flag bearers; decorated elephants, including a tusker carrying the revered relic; and scores of acrobatics, from stilt walkers, fire walkers and even fire eaters re amazing to see in this holy procession.

The Bellanwila Perahera proceeds to travel through its home town of Nugegoda before navigating through neighbouring towns like Sri Jayawardenapura Kotte, Madiwela, Borlesgamuwa and so on… ending with the water cutting ceremony and the bequeathing of alms to the divinities. 

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