Celebrating a woman’s worth

What would the world do without the all the wonder women out there!
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Since women achieved complete civic received rights across the world, International Women’s Day became a day to celebrate the political, social and economic achievements of women everywhere. In many countries the day has lost its political flair, but in Sri Lanka the fight for female empowerment continues in the rural-most parts.

It’s a day to fight for the empowerment of all females, support females who have achieved great successes or, if you’re a female, take some time to appreciate your sorority sisters.

Here’s what you can do. 

Wonder woman

Learn about opportunities and empowerment

To mark the day, many forums, plays and workshops will be held to support female empowerment through knowledge and resources. So head on over to some of these events and find out the opportunities available for available for women on how you can help Sri Lanka’s women or to gain some knowledge.  

When women succeed, the country succeeds. In celebration of women's day on Tuesday March 8, 2016 the American Centre will host a grand panel of female entrepreneurs in Sri Lanka.  

International Women's Day Special Forum

Legend of the Amazon: The Secret of Wonder Woman

Women's Day

Know your history

The battle for equals right for women is a lone one, which originated in the West with women first demanding civic rights, or the right to vote. If you are short on facts, research the origins of this celebration either at the library or online.

If you’re not in the mood for serious academia, there are several inspiring literary works and screen adaptations on the topic that will keep you entertained. 

Movie - Suffragette (2015)


Celebrate with the girls

It’s also a great time to appreciate all the strong females in your life. So go out for lunch, high tea or drinks with the girls. There will be a host of great deals and discounts.

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