Ever evolving tea – the 21st century brew

Going beyond a legacy of fine tea cups, scones and cucumber sandwiches...
Chocolate cake and Moroccan mint green tea, a perfect combo
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Vanilla Tea shake
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Tea kitsch (yarra tea or pulled tea)
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Tea is not just a hot cuppa anymore. It has evolved into a recreational beverage of modern times, promises wellness and remains a symbol of style and good taste.

What’s the deal with tea?
In the fast paced world, it’s easy to get stressed out. At these moments a refreshing cup of tea will relax you. Once the afternoon laze sets in, if you need help to concentrate tea is a great fix.

The beauty of tea lies in its variety. There is a brew for every mood and a flavour to suit each person. Move away from the norm, enjoy it in a glass and let the warm colours of nature sooth your soul.

What’s so great about it?
Tea is essentially a herb. Its medicinal properties are immense. It has been proven to combat diabetes and minimise the risk of developing Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s disease. Tea is a truly natural beverage, a gift from nature in fact.

Tea gastronomy
Pan fry a few tea leaves and use it as a garnish. Extract its flavour for au jus (a light gravy), marinade or cuvée. Celebratory chefs are using tea to create culinary magic. The emulsifying properties of tea, meaning its ability to cleanse the palate, is being used by chefs to pair unusual fine dining combinations. The complexity of tea results in enchanting the taste buds with surprising bursts of flavours.

The multitude of flavours tea offers complements a variety of food. Whether you have a typical savoury meal or a sweet slice of chocolate cake, there is a tea to suit your meal.

A lifestyle beverage

The characters of tea are defined by nature. A tea may have floral hints created by the unique geography of the estate. It might have a slight lychee tang or chocolaty note that is a result of dry weather. Thus, your tea cup tells a story of a time and place. You are tasting a specific moment in time.

Tea is a brew that changes with the era. Its sophistication is timeless... 

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